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Pro:works with Lanpro have prepared an innovative urban and landscape masterplan that seeks to extend the Toftwood area of Dereham, to deliver some 291 homes. The scheme provides a number of environmental benefits, with a clear landscape and ecology-led approach to deliver the new homes, or Ecosystems Services as they are formerly known. The overriding concept is that of a transitional neighbourhood, between the existing urban grain to the north, and the rural landscape to the south. This is achieved by introducing the landscape and open space into the development via linear north south parks and a sustainable urban drainage strategy. To the south lies the River Tud, which has over years of farming had its alignment artificially straightened, leading to a drop-in biodiversity and ecology opportunities. The proposals remodel the River Tud’s alignment back to a natural form, increasing biodiversity and habitat variety. In addition, land previously farmed for cereal production will be reverted back to grazing, improving biodiversity and natural habitat opportunities. Finally, a large area of valuable fen habitat is created next to the existing Badley Moor SSSI area. All these ecological benefits and open spaces will be made accessible via a transversal park running east west along the River Tud.

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