Responsive Masterplanning

This key piece of Urban Design research and development, undertaken by Pro:works, considered the Duke Street area of Norwich an important north/south link into the city, and east/west river connection. The research was intended to understand how Duke Street can evolve and become a positive piece of urban realm for the city, by identifying the urban design opportunities and benefits that could be delivered in the area.

Pro:works developed a brief and strategy, as well as a model of the Duke Street area which was used to analyse the movements of a focus group of users, over the course of a full day. The users were tracked using Google and GIS software this real-time data was then compared and contrasted to shortest path and visual field analysis within the same model.

These digital and mobile mapping techniques allowed a baseline model of the urban environment to be set, which could be tested against different design solutions and their impact on the behavior of different users. The cutting-edge techniques developed during this project can potentially greatly reduce the risk associated with early stage briefing and site identification for our clients, as well as provide quantifiable and tangible evidence to underpin our Masterplanning and Urban design proposals. When combined with traditional techniques, this approach can also produce comprehensive and robust solutions that can be continually updated throughout the life of a project and masterplan delivery.

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