Buxton Road

Pro:works and Lanpro have worked in collaboration to provide master planning design services for this 37 Hectare site to the north of Norwich. The 225 home scheme is located within a key strategic development corridor below the northern distributor road and to the east of international airport.

To the west, a new green space network links the scheme to the established and protected primary north/south green infrastructure corridor running along the main road. To the east, the network links to the new attenuation water feature and recreational space, with pedestrian and cycle links also running along this east west sequence of multifunctional public spaces, providing ecological and recreation links across the site. A clear street hierarchy has been established, running from the primary east west link road to the south, to secondary access roads and then tertiary ‘home zones’ to the north of the green corridor.

Working closely with the Lanpro planning and the land promoter Glavenhill, Pro:works have delivered a new, flexible high quality landscape-led residential neighbourhood for Norwich.

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