BIM Conference – 20th March 2018

BIM Regions East, Norfolk Constructing Excellence Club & CIOB “BIM it or BIN it” on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at International Aviation Academy


BIM has become the buzz word within the construction industry over the last few years, to some it is something that has been already adopted in part, and to others it is a minefield filled with acronyms and jargon. The event held at the Norwich Aviation Academy by BIM Regions East, Norfolk Constructing Excellence Club and CIOB was designed to take a good look at ‘BIM’ and attempt to demystify the subject; with key note speakers from across the industry sector presenting their view on BIM. The event provided the Pro:works team the opportunity to develop and build upon our existing BIM processes and knowledge within the office.

Karl Thurston commenced the evenings presentations with an overview of BIM as a process raising a key point on the current deficiency in clients understanding in procuring projects in BIM. Ultimately BIM is far more than just the production of a 3D model, it is the processes involved in collaborating and sharing of information to produce an outcome; and these processes and the framework for BIM need to start from the initial client briefing or project tender.

BIM is a shift change within the industry and with any change in an industry, it takes a while for new ideas and processes of working to take hold and the processes of BIM are just the same; as was highlighted during the event many of the technologies which we are now accustom, such as the internet, ATMs and the telephone, took many years to become embedded in culture. So, while everyone rushes to declare their BIM literacy, in the evolution and adoption of BIM we are probably at the correct point in that journey.

To conclude the evening, Kier presented a case study on their ARM project in Cambridge which was used as a testing bed utilising Building Information Systems to manage the build process.  The presentation provided an insight into how various processes and BIM tools can be used to ensure coordination of site works between disciplines could be achieved. At Pro:works we already utilise the 3D modelling aspect of the BIM process on our projects; to aid the design development process, coordinate between design disciplines and, review and resolve complex construction detailing; a critical element especially in our work on existing buildings.

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